#ladyboss: one of my biggest inspirations and aims. This series interviews 52 inspirational, entrepreneurial women across the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

 “Lady boss is a woman who follows her own dreams, that no matter what happens, thinks positively with the right attitude about life and goals.”

Maggie was inspired to start her business, Bim Candle Mask, after she developed her own line of clean products and wanted to revolutionize simple and clean beauty.

As a licensed esthetician with over 20+ years of experience, she knew what she was doing. A calling to bring greater things in life brought her to BIM.

BIM was born when I felt that something in my life was missing. I realized that my entire life’s purpose has been to help people: from attending nursing school, to working as a paralegal, to completing cosmetology school and helping thousands of women tackle skin and self-esteem challenges so they can look and feel their best during my 2 decades in the beauty industry.

Her favorite item in the shop? The Confidence Mask or the Microfiber Makeup Remover Towel. Both are super helpful to produce glowing and happy skin.

She continues to educate herself and expand beyond her skill set, like taking classes on how to make candles!

Her work-life balance isn’t easy, because she’s so passionate about the business, but that really shines through in the products.

Her marketing advice is simple, talk to your customers and provide great customer service. It’s the foundation for everything! She also notes being an entrepreneur is very challenging. It takes hours, days and months to grow, so be patient.

Hoping to make yourself a #ladyboss? Here’s her advice for marketing.

Take time and grow getting products in as many people’s hands as possible.

Maggie loves when her customers promote how effective and natural her products are, so if you’ve tried one, don’t be afraid to share the results!

For the future? She hopes to have her products in spa, salons and gift shops.

Check out BIM and support her social! You won’t be disappointed.

Makenna Lenover

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