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Skin to Soul Self-Care Basket Includes 13 items:            

Bliss-hair and body butter are used as a moisturizer on dry skin and deeply hydrates hair overnight. Great for massage and dry feet and hands.

Microfiber Makeup 💄 Remover Towel- removes makeup and exfoliates dead skin layers with just water( lasts 1500 uses).

Package of 3 isotonic daily supplements, convenient serving to promote long-term health and optimal nutrition.

White Sage-antimicrobial, clears out spiritual impurities, fundamental to the practice of smudging.

Burning Palo Santo-releases aromatic smoke used for purification and energy cleansing. Restores tranquility and calms emotions.

50 Incense Sticks-relax and unwind, reduces stress, stimulates creativity, increases focus, aids sleep.

Evil Eye Keychain-keeps you safe from negative people.

White Crystal- the master healer, amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, relaxing, and regulating. Helps to stimulate the immune system and balances out the entire body.

Amethyst Crystal-Relieves stress and strain, balances mood swings, fear, and anxiety.

Rose Quartz Crystal-promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and a feeling of peace. Protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.

Lip duo-Lip scrub, gently exfoliates dead skin. Lip balm-deeply hydrates dry lips and protects them from the environment.

Hibiscus Tea-lowers blood pressure reduces blood sugar, helps depression, rich in vitamin C.

Re-usable basket to store your items or other goods.