About Us

     Welcome to BIM where you have the best experience with skin and body products that rejuvenate and bring to life any skin type.

     Hello, my name is Maggie. I am the founder and formulator of BIM Candle Mask, as well as licensed esthetician, makeup artist, wellness advocate, essential oil queen and healing crystals lover.

     Being in beauty industry for over twenty years I have tried different products and I could not find one that will deliver tranquility and emotional support for women all over the world.

     Until, one day I had a aha moment! I decided to take skin care products to the next level. I realized that my passion to well being and the desire to help others inspired me to deliver more then just skin care products.            I wanted to bring amazing products that I believe in and use myself and help women to feel their best inside and out. I also believe that every woman needs healing skin to soul.

I am a busy woman and mom just like you. I decided to make a simple skin care ritual that delivers tranquility and lift women's spirit. Using my expertise and knowledge of natural products I formulated unique products that solve our problems! That is when BIM Candle Mask was born.

I want women to experience spa treatment in the comfort of their home and enjoy the simple ritual and beautiful glowing skin overnight.

The best way to explain a costumers experience is by their reviews. I am so happy to share one with you.

"Oh where to start...... I really love the fact that Maggie takes her time and listens to your needs and is able to determine the right products for you. The FIERCE candle mask has completely changed my night time face routine. It replaced 4 products. The MAKEUP REMOVER TOWEL again....it has replaced all my makeup remover products. Now it's just a cloth and water. The COFFEE SCRUB- WOW, it has cleared up dry patchy skin. Book a FREE Zoom with Maggie. Be honest about your skin and trust her to know exactly what you need. Costumer for life!"- Meg 

My vision is to offer women Healing Skin To Soul. The importance to well being from natural skin and body products to supplements, essential oils, healing stones, face and body tools and makeup. My vision allowed me to deliver skin to soul experience in one package. 

Don't waste your time in researching and money on products that don't work. Trust my hand picked selection created just for you.

Because you deserve it!

Love Maggie