[product_title microfiber makeup remover towel
[product_title microfiber makeup remover towel
[product_title microfiber makeup remover towel

Microfiber Makeup Remover/Exfoliating Towel

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after  BIM exfoliating makeup remover cloth is super soft and comfortable. It can help you remove dead skin cells, wipe away foundation, mascara, lipstick, waterproof makeup, and leave your skin clean and healthy. One towel equals 2600 face wipes and lasts as long as 1500 uses.

Our cloth is made of 100% Microfiber, and it's CHEMICAL-FREE and safe for those with allergies.

Save money on chemical makeup removers, cotton pads, wipes as well as decrease pollution.

Wet the makeup cloth with water to remove makeup with a circular motion. Flip cloth over and continue gentle exfoliating in a circular motion. Follow with your skincare routine.

Use the short fiber site (without the tag) to remove makeup in a gentle circular motion.

Flip to long fiber site (the side with tag) to remove dead skin layers. Continue in a gentle circular motion.

Washcloth by hand with antibacterial soap after every use. 1-2 times a week put it in the machine, tumble dry and DO NOT BLEACH. 


Customer Reviews

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Comes in handy

I usually do a two step system to fully remove my make up. One cleansing oil and then a regular face wash to get into the pores. Well I ran out of my first step and it did a great job removing the make up. I love the skin routine I have but I definitely will be adding this product to my make up removal process.

Highly Recommend

This towel is amazing. It exfoliates and removes make-up. What more could I ask for. It definitely does what it is supposed to do. I absolutely LOVE this towel and if you want to save money from buying make-up wipes. Please give BIM make-up/exfoliating towel a try.

Great product

If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend trying one as it saves money on makeup remover and decreases waste.

Makeup Remover Towel

I love my makeup Remover Towel! I only use water to remove my makeup, no wipes or makeup removers needed. It is also chemical Free. Amazing towel that I can use over and over again:)