DESIRE - Sensual Sugar Body Scrub formulated with sugar, sensual aphrodisiac essential oils, and crushed rose petals
DESIRE - Sensual Sugar Body Scrub formulated with sugar, sensual aphrodisiac essential oils, and crushed rose petals

Face & Body Aphrodisiac Sugar Scrub-DESIRE

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All-natural scrubs that feel like kinetic sand and leave your skin feeling like silk.

Face & Body Sensual Sugar Scrub-DESIRE. BiM DESIRE sugar scrub is formulated with sugar, honey, sensual aphrodisiac essential oils, and crushed rose petals. Only the purest organic ingredients are used for an experience that is both aroma therapeutic and nourishing for your skin.  Formulated to remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, smooth skin surface. Luxurious hormonal support and libido booster. 

How to Use

  1. Wet the skin, add favorite cleanser (when using on the face) or body wash (for body exfoliation). Scoop a little scrub and mix it together.
  2. Apply product in a gentle circular motion, starting from the feet and moving up towards the heart to enhance circulation.
  3. Use gentle pressure to remove dead skin.
  4. Rinse thoroughly. Enjoy refreshed and silky skin.
  5. Make sure to close the jar tightly to prevent water from getting inside. Store in a dry place, not your shower or bath.
  6. Since our scrubs are made with sugar and raw honey they may harden over time, to soften sugar scrubs simply run hot water over a tightly closed jar until it is soft. 


SUGAR Sugar scrubs hydrate, moisturise, and exfoliate. Improves blood flow and removes dead cells.

OLIVE OIL | Kills bacteria that cause acne. Moisturizes and hydrates skin.

COCONUT OIL | Reduces inflammation. Moisturizes. Medium-chain fatty acids possess antimicrobial properties that can help with acne and protect skin from harmful bacteria.

RAW HONEY | Anti-bacterial, anti-septic for preventing and improving acne. 
Contains antioxidants. Boosts collagen production.

SANDALWOOD | Anti-inflammatory. Soothes sunburn and aids in removing tan. Astringent & antiseptic. Scent relieves anxiety and works as an aphrodisiac to boost the libido and enhance sensuality. 

SWEET ORANGE | Vitamin C reduces dark spots and blemishes. Fights free radicals to prevent signs of aging. Anti-bacterial. Boost circulation. Promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis. Astringent. 

PATCHOULI | Soothes and moisturizes skin. Scent lifts mood and relieves stress/anxiety.

Anti-inflammatory. Soothing and detoxifying. Scent reduces stress and promotes calm. 

Antioxidants work to prevent signs of aging. Evens skin tone. Non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) moisturizer.

Balances and regulates oil production to prevent excessive dryness and oiliness. Soothes inflammation and irritation. Strengthens skin and hair. Scent soothes stress, anxiety, sadness, tension, and sleeplessness. Works as an aphrodisiac to boost the libido and enhance sensuality.  

Humectant (helps skin retain moisture). High in Vitamin C. Softens and moisturizes.


Possible Allergens:
BIM products are made with natural ingredients, however, individuals with allergies to any above ingredients should not use our products. Individuals allergic to nuts should be aware that soy and almond oils are considered nut-based.  In addition, some of the essential oils used in our products could trigger a skin reaction. If you have sensitive or reactive skin do a patch test. Simply apply a small amount on your arm and wait 24 hours before applying on your face and neck.