CLARITY - Oily / Acne Skin Candle Mask candle mask is an aromatherapy candle and face mask, formulated using only the purest organic ingredients to suit oily or acne-prone skin
CLARITY - Oily / Acne Skin Candle Mask candle mask is an aromatherapy candle and face mask, formulated using only the purest organic ingredients to suit oily or acne-prone skin

Oily/Acne Skin Mask-CLARITY

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“ Light a Candle to activate your warming aromatherapy face mask”

A total tranquility treatment in the comfort of your own home. 

Oily / Acne Skin Candle Mask-CLARITY. BiM CLARITY candle mask is an aromatherapy candle and face mask, formulated using only the purest organic ingredients to suit oily or acne-prone skin. The result is lightweight and deeply nourishing.

Clarity Candle Mask is formulated for oily skin and filled with all-natural ingredients and essential oils. The penetration of the essential oils ingredients first sends a relief signal and anti-stress response to the brain and body regulating the nervous system which acts as an anti-inflammatory that naturally improves skin conditions.

Formulated for many uses:

*soothes skin

*nourishes skin

*prevents blemishes

*dries out breakouts

*reduces inflammation

*improves oil production

*fights bacteria, microbes

*prevents breakout flare-ups

*reduces appearance of scars

*hydrates without clogging pores

We love the nature and products filled with natural ingredients! Just imagine, warm wax that turns into oil when you apply on the skin. Warm wax opens pores and allows all the natural ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin. Our masks are translucent, organic, and natural face mask filled with soy, nourishing skin oils, and carefully curated essential oils to promote healthy skin and provide aromatherapy benefits as well. 

* 2oz candle mask lasts  2-3 months when used 2-3 times a week.

* 4oz candle mask lasts 4-5 months when used 2-3 times a week.

How to Use 

  1. Light the wick prior to use for 30 min.
  2. Allow essential oils to diffuse for aroma therapeutic benefits.
  3. Blow out the candle. Use the scoop to gather a pea-sized amount, rub it between fingers then apply to clean skin. Avoid the eyes.
  4. Candle wax can be used without a light. Replaces moisturizers and serums.
  5. For best results, use it before bed 2-3 times per week.
  6. Enjoy beautiful skin in the morning!
Notes: It is not necessary to light the candle every time you desire to use the product. It can be warmed in the hands prior to application.
For the best candle mask performance, we recommend that prior to using your candle wax for the first time, you light the candle for up to 2 hours or until the top of the candle is completely melted across the diameter of the jar. This prevents candle tunneling which makes it harder to use the wax sitting on the walls of the jar.


PURE SOY WAX | Evens out skin texture. Boosts collagen to smooth outlines. Clears pores. Reduces puffiness. Hydrate and repair.

UNBLEACHED BEESWAX | Anti-inflammatory. Aids in the healing of wounds. Forms a protective barrier between the skin and the environment. Non-comedogenic (does not block pores). High in vitamins A & E for cell reconstruction and health.

ALOE VERA | Contains vitamins A & E for cell reconstruction and health, antioxidants, and enzymes. Highly anti-inflammatory. Can help with burns, superficial acne, and dry skin.

JOJOBAAnti-inflammatory. Calms skin and reduces redness. Contains Vitamins E & B-complex for skin repair and damage control.

SHEA BUTTER | High in fatty acids and vitamins. Anti-inflammatory softens skin.

GRAPESEEDHigh in linoleic acid/omega-6 fatty acid to fortify skin barrier, reduce water loss, control oil, and fight acne.

LEMONGRASSPurifying, detoxifying. Contains antioxidants to neutralize free radicals.

TEA TREE | Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Reduces redness, swelling, and inflammation. Helps prevent and reduce both acne and acne scars.

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Helps prevent acne. Cleanses pores, removes surplus oils. Soothes and calms skin when swelling or in pain from acne.

CLARY SAGE | Cooling, soothing effect on skin that calms rashes and inflammation. Balances the production of natural oils and sebum to prevent acne. Scent improves mood.

GERANIUM | Astringent helps tighten skin and diminish signs of aging. Nourishes skin. Balances production of sebum and natural oils.

| Antiseptic and antibacterial. Cooling, soothing sensation to calm irritation and inflammation due to acne.

| Contains Vitamin C & flavonoids to strengthen collagen.
Possible Allergens:
BIM products are made with natural ingredients, however, individuals with allergies to any above ingredients should not use our mask candles. Individuals allergic to nuts should be aware that soy and almond oils are considered nut-based.  In addition, some of the essential oils used in our products could trigger a skin reaction. If you have sensitive or reactive skin do a patch test. Simply apply a small amount on your arm and wait 24 hours before applying on your face and neck. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sharon Dunbar
Loved the mask for oily skin!

It felt so nice to put the warm mask from the candle on my face. I wondered if it would be too hot after the candle was lit for awhile, but it was just right. I felt my pores tighten and made my skin so smooth. I’d recommend this to anyone. It’s like having an expensive spa facial at home . It can be used several times per candle!

Lena McMaster
Clarity and synchronicity

Perfect overnight mask for cool season. It makes my skin soft, breakouts free and smells like a relaxing herbal remedy.

Great product:)

So I used this mask and honestly can say it's unique! I feel a difference in my skin texture and noticed a dramatic change in oils the next morning!!!! My makeup lasted me much longer then normal due to that. Great product.

Kelci K.

BIM is a wonderful fun yet clean candle mask filled with only the best ingredients and essential oils. I have used the mask clarity and it leaves me feeling firm and refreshed not to mention the smell is great ! Application is a breeze and the wash cloth BIM has to offer is also incredible I'll never use another !!

Rose C.
LOVE natural products

The BIM Candle mask it's a lovely treat to use, definitely a very unique one. I love that every ingredient is natural and easily recognized. Once I put this mask on, I noticed a fresh, almost minty feeling on my face (in the nice way). My skin feels lovely the next morning. I noticed that my combo skin looks less oily after using this as well, which I am a big fan of! The Microfiber makeup remover towel that I got as a gift I absolutely LOVE. It's incredibly soft and removes my makeup with ease. If you haven't tried one of these yet, you absolutely should.