Ideas for Re-Using Your BiM Candle Jar

Our products come in glass with bamboo lids. You can certainly recycle them in the garbage, but why not give it new life instead? 

After you wash out the jar and remove the label, the only limit is your imagination. You can also use chalk paint or glass markers for labeling.

Create & Store Seasoned Salt

Seasoned salts are a quick, simple, and sophisticated way to lend flair to a dish. They also make lovely gifts! You can add anything from orange zest to herbs, whatever you prefer.

Check out this recipe for Rosemary Season Salt:

DIY Rosemary Salt Gifts

Neatly Display Other Creams/Lotions 

Instead of leaving bulky cream/lotion containers on your bathroom counter, opt for a more refined look. Simply refill the jar as needed to keep your space looking polished.

Safely Store Jewelry

Our jars are a compact, clever, and discrete way to store your jewelry while traveling, or just for storage at home.

Fill It With Love Notes/Quotes/Inspirational Messages For A Loved One

Note jars are a simple and thoughtful way of reminding someone you love them every day. Our jars might not be large enough for the ambitious 365 day jar featured below, but you can certainly fill it with enough to make your loved one smile.

365 Days of Love Notes Jar

Store Spices/Dried Foods

Nothing looks quite as sophisticated in your spice cabinet as a matching set of glass jars! This set of glass jars with bamboo lids is selling on etsy for $60!


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